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Top popular PC games

Have you been searching for the best popular computer game for download, here it is.
Today, you are going to see amazing ones that is top rated and cool for your device.
Links to their page will not be included. You need to look for it on Google or on any game marketplace.
If you are using a gadget like Android, Xbox or PlayStation, you might see this exact game for it.

Now, let me get you start into the world of gaming without hassle.

Left 4 Dead 2:
left 4 dead 2 screenshot
This was released in November 17, 2009 and still remains an action first person shooting game.
It is the continuation of the first series, which takes you up to a zombie world. You must shoot them of your way and prevent yourself from their bite. It involves a group of survivors, who were even present in the first game. Through five stages, you have to survive attacks in either single player or multi-player mode.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault:
This game has two demos for single and multi-player part of World War 2 shooting game. It was released in January 22, 2002 after its first series. In single mode, you have to lead a group of troops across enemies. Your entire team have to work hand in hand to destroy several rocket launchers. The multi-player demo has only one map which can be played in four different missions.

Battlefield 1942
battlefield 1942 cover
This super cool action game can run on a computer that has 512 of RAM. It was released on September 19, 2002, with the same theme of World War 2. It is a single player type of game that takes one into several amazing missions. Every part of it is interesting and can make you to play all day. Its online version used Wake Island map.
You should go for it if you are still wondering what to play.

Star Wars: Jedi Knights 2
If you have watched some series of Star War, you will actually like to play the game.
Jedi Outcast, which is the version in specific, was released on March 28, 2002. The demo contains a level which is not found in the retail version. Its main character has five different weapons, which you can choose from. You can jump, heal, push and do lots of mind trick.
It’s a good one to get stated with this weekend.

Diablo II
Diablo II cover
This horror kind of game is best played if you are a fan of such. It was launched in June 29, 2000 as an action RPG game. On it, an unknown force was taken control of the land. You have to uncover the mystery surrounding the king’s son, who is mission and an archbishop.
You play as a Barbarian who will go through the land looking for answers.

This is another multiplayer game that is created to work on so many platform and not just PC.
Its initial release date is in 2005 by Roblox Corporation. On it, you can design game and play other ones with online players. You can also sell, create and buy virtual items using its currency named robux. This is usually purchased with your real money, which can be frustrating. Due to this, many ask if there is any site for it. An article on that is here. They want to get it without spending their own cash.
Nevertheless, the game itself hosts events in both real and virtual world. One of such is their conference for developers.
It is indeed one of the games that seem to the top. You should get an account on it main page to start playing.

Those six games seem to be the only one selected to be the top for pc. There may be several ones skipped due to issues that I encounter while playing them. So, pick any from the list and have fun with it this year.